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Siren Guard - scare away attackers with this 120db self-defense alarm device

Do you lead an active lifestyle? Have you ever had to walk alone in a place you didn't want to be in? Need a simple strong attacker self-defense tool, small enough to fit in your bag? The Siren Guard is what you need. It will activate a 130-decibel alarm that will ensure your attacker fleeing beforeYou are in any serious danger.

How does it work?

  • Compact Personal Alarm
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • It sounds like a police vehicle when activated
  • Aids in feeling safe when you are alone

Stay Safe with this Powerful Alarm

Uniting and joining the fight against predatory violence, Siren Guard is a personal ear-shattering; tote-able alarm.

Regardless of how many you purchase, you and your loved ones will feel safer once a Siren Guard is at their side. You should order yours today you can never be too safe!


"I walk home through a bad neighborhood daily, you can never tell what could happen. I keep two just in case"

Jenny Morales, NY

“My Mother bought me this device, I thought I never had to use it - I was unfortunately wrong. Get one”

Maddie Klotz, FL