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Spark Procam - Have Eyes Everywhere With A Small Indistinct Monitoring Camera

Feels like something is off when you are not around? Need to know what is happening using a second set of eyes? The Spark Procam is designed to look like a power charger, yet it is a 1080p security camera capable of recording videos at FHD resolution.

How does it work?

  • High-quality features
  • Excellent videos
  • Clear sound
  • Undetectability

Not Just a Security Camera

The Spark Procam can also be used as a USB Power Adaptor. You can charge any USB Powered device and still record videos at the same time. The Spark Procam requires no batteries. To use it, simply plug it in a power socket and you are good to go. No need to worry about charging or changing the batteries of this genius device.

Equipped with a powerful microphone capable of recording audible and clear audio. Anything in the line of sight of the Spark Procam gets instantly recorded. So You can go along your day to day tasks and still feel secure knowing that You can see everything that happened in your home.


“I am always wondering what happens in my home when I go to work. I live alone in my apartment. I ordered 2 cameras and I am really liking it. I got to see what happens in my apartment when I am gone. I am a supervisor at the office and it is quite difficult for me to check on the actions of my subordinates. I always had this feeling that when I am not around, they would neglect work duties and do some other things. I installed 4 of these in the office. The first day of using this was not a disappointment. I could totally see them playing online games. I will continue to use it so I can reprimand them and remind them of the work that needs to be done.“

Lee Simon, NY

“There are times when people would peek inside my home for no reason. There are also times when I would see my landlady knocking on my door. I got to ask her afterward what was the reason for her visit.”

Maddie Klotz, FL