Our looters are always on the lookout for the next gadgets and technologies, that’s why Crowdfunding sites are especially interesting for us. Below you could view and explore some of our preferred soon to be launched products on the top crowdfunding sites.

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This product is the definition of “great things come in small packages” its The only carriable electric pump, specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts, no power cord or dry cell. Despite the continuation of ultra-low weight design, its weight and volume is only 20% of the traditional products, when placed inside your pocket or bag, it hardly takes any place.

The flow rate of MAX PUMP2 can reach 300L/min and the pressure can reach 2100PA, you can inflate an airbed within 4mins, and buggy bag within 30 seconds. It can last long after one charging. and we always LOVE gadgets that can help charging our smart phones :), It can charge your cellphone when necessary, ridding you of the embarrassment of running out of battery. and the Max Pump 2 has more features such as…

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Ready to boost your instagram followers?!? MUWI is The first ever pocket-sized, easy to use dolly for smart phones DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Shooting cinematic footage is no longer just about image quality, But MOTION.

This device really change the way we use our mobile camera. making it possible for everyone to capture cimematic footage. Now it is easier than ever to achieve perfect linear and curved movements with only one tool. Whether you're a pro or an amateur, MUWI makes professional videography available to anyone, anywhere and at any time.

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Harmattan Design has done it again. Last year, their fourth campaign The Smart Belt 1.0 became the most funded fashion accessory in history. So, on popular demand, this year, they are back and with even a better product, TAKE A LOOK at what they say!

What we believe is that there is no one thing that made our SMART BELT such a huge success, but the combination of all our innovations bundled into a nice and elegant, finely tuned package.

Not many people think about it or realize it but, our waist changes as we go about our business throughout the day while the belt we wear does not adjust because holes are too far apart.

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Fragrance by You, Fragrance for You, Fragrance with You.
AROM was created to enhance your quality of life. It will add sensory luxuries to your daily routine which you won't believe you had ever lived without. AROM’s fragrances are therapeutic and connect you to the moment by helping you create stronger and more pleasurable memories. “Share the Scent” throughout AROM’s mobile app!

Main Features:
  1. Mood Scent Your Way with AROM.
  2. A smart gadget for aromatherapy and scent layering.
  3. Share your emotions and express yourself throughout scents iOS & Android App, Adjust, Schedule, Built in light, Capsule empty warning, Register, Share want to know exactly how this cool device work, just click below, sit back and relax.

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This product is truly one of our favorites. Not only this product is amazing and revolutionary (smallest printer in the world), but it can work on all surfaces from paper to metal (even Balloons).

PrintBrush is actually helping save our beloved Mother Earth!
PrintBrush™ XDR is a first-of-its-kind color inkjet printer for smartphones.
The product features PrintDreams’ RMPT™ technology which puts portable printing capability at the fingertips of smartphone users around the world. The imprints come out directly onto any type of surface with a simple wave of the hand.

Introducing The PrintBrush XDR

The PrintBrush XDR is a wireless full color inkjet printer that weighs about the same as an average smartphone but can print larger imprints than its own size.
The imprints are made simply by using a sweeping action, just swapping the printer’s direction from left to right or right to left, directly on any surface : paper, cardboard, fabrics, wood, etc.
Want to know more? We know you do. Just Click below.

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Produce healthy, fresh vegetables and herbs right in your kitchen, no experience necessary!

* Wait a minute…. What does this means??

Aspara™ is a hydroponic smart grower that helps you grow fresh and healthy-to-eat vegetables and herbs right on your kitchen countertop.

* But How is it different than just growing a vegetable or herb in a cup?

Using a combination of LED grow lights, an automatic watering system and advanced sensors, aspara™ is a connected control system for your indoor garden that does the growing for you.

Starting a garden at home, and growing vegetables successfully, is not an easy task. Most homes are limited by lack of space or don’t have the best environment for growing plants. And for some, growing plants from a seed can seem like a daunting task.

Grow Anything, anywhere, anytime with Aspara.

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