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How to take Child’s temperature correctly?

Our baby was perfect when he was born: 7lbs and a perfect health score. I remember how healthy he looked.
That’s why We were so surprised when our baby had gotten sick! It happened just before I was supposed to be discharged from the hospital with my child.

What’s even worse is how it happened… Somebody took the baby’s temperature with a thermometer that hadn’t been properly cleaned. We had to stay in the hospital for an extra week. It was nerve wracking and expensive!

Fortunately my baby recovered from his fever, but not all families are so lucky. In fact, child deaths from the flu hit a record high just in the past year.
For my second child, I choose another hospital that was supposed to be a good one. The day after my second baby daughter Julie was born, the nurse came in to take my baby’s temperature. I was really worried because of my previous experience.
The nurse reassured me, “You don’t have to worry about that here. We sterilize everything, and everything including medications are triple-checked. But you especially don’t have to worry about the thermometer. We use what’s called a ‘non-contact’ thermometer.”

She held a little device right above my baby’s forehead and pushed a button. A few seconds later, she got the temperature on a display. The temperature was normal.
Then the nurse did the same thing to me, and I also had a perfect temperature. Long story short, my new daughter and I were in great health and we went home the next day.
Everything was going really well! My daughter was healthy and growing every day, until…

A Few Months Later, My Daughter Got Very Sick!

She had been crying uncontrollably, and I didn’t realize what the problem was until I felt her forehead. It felt like she was burning up! But I couldn’t be sure because the only thermometer I had was the standard kind. After what had happened to my first baby, I just couldn’t bring myself to potentially make my child more sick like that!
Like every parent in my position, I was incredibly worried! I ended up scaring myself really badly by searching all sorts of terrible diseases on WebMD. The pediatrician told me because the fever was a “remittent fever”, I needed to monitor her temperature hourly and to call if it started to rise.
With a standard thermometer, I didn’t have many options for taking her temperature without spreading germs. I could either check her her armpit, or rectally, which I didn’t feel comfortable doing correctly.

It made me really nervous to take her temperature. She was crying and acting very fussy, and I was really worried that she was in pain.
I made sure to sterilize the thermometer after each time I took her temperature.
It was even worse at night. After crying and sneezing, she would eventually fall asleep. But then every time I checked her temperature, Julie would wake up again and it would take another hour to get her back to sleep.
I was getting really nervous because I know how important it is that babies sleep. Every time I was waking her up, I felt like I was just hurting her ability to recover!

I Was Totally Frustrated and Exhausted

I was thinking a lot about what the nurse told me in the hospital after my baby was born. She said they used a ‘non-contact’ thermometer. I didn’t find a lot of ‘non-contact’ thermometers that were available to the public, and most of the ones I did find were incredibly expensive.
You see, big pharma companies know that hospitals can pay hundreds of dollars for a small piece of medical equipment, even if it costs much less to make. So they mark up their prices and while some hospitals can pay them, it’s you and I that suffer, because we can never hope to afford them!

That’s When I Discovered Fever Patrol

Fever Patrol is a super-accurate, easy to use, non-contact thermometer. What’s more, the company that makes it ONLY sells to customers, not big hospitals.

Fever Patrol is the thermometer that fancy private practice doctors use because it is the same high-grade medical equipment, but much more affordable. This is exactly what I’d been looking for!
With the Fever Patrol non-invasive, touchless thermometer, you never have to worry about inaccurate readings, or waking a fussy baby.
Fever Patrol is gentle, convenient, and fast. Most importantly, it was super easy to use, even for someone like me, who doesn’t know much about technology. Just hold the thermometer near your baby’s forehead, then press the button for 3 seconds and you get a precise reading immediately.
Now I’m no longer worried about spreading dangerous diseases and bacteria to my baby!
Here’s Fever Patrol’s official website here, where I ordered mine.

Here’s My Experience:

  1. Shipping was fast! It hadn’t been that long, so I was still able to use it on my sick child.
  2. It was SO easy to use! It didn’t require any special setup.
  3. First, I took my own temperature with my traditional oral thermometer, and then I took it with FEVER PATROL. FEVER PATROL was 100% accurate!
  4. Then took Julie’s temperature, and was SO happy that it didn’t wake her up!

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Reader Results

Jonathan George
Wichita Falls, Texas

“…I love being a new dad, but when my daughter is sick, I don’t know what to do! She just cries all day. I hate taking her temperature. She moves and squirms, I can’t keep the thermometer still! With Fever Patrol I take her temperature without worrying about any of that. Makes my life a whole lot easier!”

Andrea Jones
Kettering, Ohio

“It’s super easy to use and understand. I have an old thermometer that isn’t very clear with temperature. I double check when I take my child’s temperature and the second reading will be way off from the first one. I like that Fever Patrol gives me an accurate digital reading every time.”

Mary Burns
Ogden, Utah

“Everyone needs this! It takes just a couple seconds to read anyone’s temperature! Babies, children, even myself and my husband all use it! And all you have to do is hold it near their head. It’s great because a traditional thermometer is so invasive and feels uncomfortable. I just wish I had this with my first two children!”




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