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XY FIND IT - Never Lose Anything Important Again

Find your keys. Find your phone. Find everything with the XY Find It!

The XY Personal Item Finder combines cutting-edge Bluetooth LE technology with  the XY Find It mobile app  to help you keep tabs on any personal items that matter to you. Using the XY  Find It app on your iOS or Android device, you can be notified when your Finder goes out of range, see how near the finder is to your device, display the last known location on a map, and be connect you to the XY Lost and Found Community.
The XY  Personal Item Finder is water resistant. XY Find It  is the perfect solution for keeping tabs on your keys, purse, backpack, and everything else that matters to you. The XY  Item Finder can locate items within the approximate 100-foot range of the Bluetooth LE Signal.

Last Known Location
When out of Bluetooth range, pop open the map to see the last location your items have been seen.
Find Your Things
Call your items the same way you would call a phone. When your Finder is within Bluetooth range, the Finder will ring loudly until you Find It.
Find Your Phone
If you can't find your phone, use the integrated button on XY3 to ring your phone, even on Silent!
Join the Internet of Things
Leave something behind? Get notifications when your items get out of range of your phone with keep near notifications.
KeepNear™ Notifications
With IFTTT and Zapier Compatibility, the multi-function button on XY3 can integrate with your other smart devices, making XY fit perfectly into your IoT life.
Stylish Colours
Choose your favourite colour or the colour that blends in with your items.

Key Benefits

  • Compatible with iPhone or Android
  • Attaches easily to all your valuables and it’s barely noticeable because it’s wallet thin
  • Use your smartphone to ring misplaced items
  • Separation alerts ensure you don’t leave your valuables behind
  • Crowd GPS helps you find your item on a map by leveraging other XY’s
  • Find phone easily by simply pressing the button on any of your XY’s to make your phone ring - even if it’s in silent mode!
  • Range - Up to 100m!

  • Never lose anything
    important again
  • Save time
    by not looking for lost items
  • Save money
    by not replacing lost items
  • Security
    in knowing where your things are
  • Be a part of a
    global lost-and-found
  • Be fashionable
    with the stylish XY design

Choose from different stylish colours

Compare XY4+ and TrackR

XY4+ is the industry's best Bluetooth Finder. With the highest volume, longest range, and longest lasting Battery, the XY4+ has no need to "reNew" or "reTile" after 12 months.

XY4+ TrackR Pixel* TrackR Bravo*
Volume 112db 90db 82db
Range Up to 300ft (100m) Up to 100ft (30m) Up to 100ft (30m)
Find Phone
Battery Replaceable Replaceable Replaceable
Colors 8 4 4
Beep to find
Keep Near TM
Crowd GPS
Size 1.5 x 1.75 x 0.39 in 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.25 in 1.34 x 1.34 x 0.18 in
Weight 0.5 oz 0.56 oz 0.22 oz
Battery Life 3-5 years up to 1 Year up to 1 Year
Subscription Free Free Free
Warranty 2 years 30 days 30 days
Upfront Price $35 $25 $30
5 Year Price $35 $30 (5x $1 batteries) $35 (5x $1 batteries)

*Data for TrackR Pixel and TrackR Bravo is based on published information from